The public event will take place on Wednesday afternoon, July 5, 2023.


The event is opened to the participants of the conference as well as to the general public of La Rochelle and to professional and associative actors working on social and environmental transitions and interested in the use of games.


Three activities will take place.


Stands at the exhibition "Playing the social-ecological transition!"

From 3:15pm to 6:00pm

The exhibition features game stands, stands presenting organizations working on serious games, as well as game demonstrations opened to the general public.

Playtime - Tailor-made serious games

Miguel Rotenberg


Climat Tic-Tac, a serious collaborative and educational board and video game on climate change in the 21st century

François Dulac, Catherine Senior


Beyond SDGs Life Game” Stand - SDGs version of Japan's most famous board game

Hiroto Aoki, Takayuki Shimada, Tokutaro Hiramoto, Maki Maede, Rena Suzuki, Kazumi Ichiba


GAMAE: a scientific and technical platform for serious games on agri-environmental, territorial and food issues

Sylvain Dernat, Gilles Martel


Ideathon: Empowering Social Hackathons through Gamified Collaboration

Solenne Romagni, Claire Allard


Ikigai: the public service for educational games for higher education and cultural activities

Thomas Planques


LEAF Inspiring Change: serious games to foster social and environmental transitions

Claude Garcia, Anne Dray


Lisode: design, implementation and tailored training to use role-playing games for environmental issues using ComMod approaches

Audrey Barbe, Jean-Emmanuel Rougier, Emmanuelle Espuche, Mathieu Dionnet, Elsa Leteurtre, Amar Imache, Marina Gentle, Lorraine Champagne De Labriolle


Money – The Energy Transition

Jaap de Goede


Simulation Game Editor (SGE)

Marine Régien, Nicolas Becu


Sustain2030 – Creating impact with an SDG simulation game

Barbara Holzner


Talents Galore

Laura Stal


The game, a developer of skills to take serious

Thomas Longeon, Cindy Furnon


Travelling the agroforestry world in 10 games

Erika Speelman, Gildas Assogba, Federico Andreotti, Lisa Best, Alemu Debay, Margaret Githinji, Arief Hakiem, Rika Sari, Elisabeth Lagneaux, Andrew Miccolis, Paulina Rosero, Rika Sari, Lisa Tanika, Charles Wamucii, Ali Yansyah Abdurrahim, Gert-Jan Hofstede, Meine van Noordwijk


Game workshops at the exhibition "Playing the social-ecological transition!"

From 3:30pm to 5:00pm

Registration requiered. Contact the conference loby of the organizer of the workshop to participate.

Live Action: "Planet C - Play Again?: Becoming agent of Change"

Planet C Collective

"Mon Lopin de mer" :  a game to explore our connection to the sea.

Eléonore Sas



Stakeholders-scientists Forum "The use of serious games in environment, food and agriculture, so what?"

From 5:15pm to 7:15pm

This forum is opened to the conference participants and to local stakeholders involved in social and environmental transitions. It aim to share knowledge, field expertise, and know-how around the design and use of serious games.

The forum will take place in two parts: firstly, discover a selection of serious games used by local stakeholders to support transitions and discuss with their developers and users ; then participate in a collective discussion on the effects and outcomes of serious games. Discussions will take place in French. Simultaneous translation into English will be provided for members of the international ISAGA community. 


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