The conference includes 6 sessions (A to F) with parallel workshops (either game workshops of thematic activity workshops).

At each session, participants can choose to join in one of the 3 to 7 workshops available.



Parallel workshop session A

Tuesday, 04/July/2023: 1:30pm - 5:00pm


The World Saving Gamathon

Nils Ferrand


Littotopia - a game to explore futures in the context of climate change

Laura Roussel, Caroline Rufin-Soler, Hervé Flanquart, Christelle Audouit, Philippe Deboudt


Multiware: participatory design of wastewater reuse system based on integrated health risk management

Alice-Rose Thomas, Rémi Declercq, Emeline Hassenforder, Géraldine Abrami, Pascal Molle, Rémi Lombard-Latune


«Dukunu Môlé»: navigating the troubled waters between biodiversity conservation and livelihood opportunities in São Tomé

Anne Dray, Christophe Le Page, Pierre Bommel, Claude Garcia


"The Game of Life: Beyond SDGs" Workshop - SDGs version of Japan's most famous board game

Hiroto Aoki, Takayuki Shimada, Tokutaro Hiramoto, Maki Maede, Rena Suzuki, Kazumi Ichiba.


postfossilCities – The Game for a Post-fossile Future

Andreas Gerber, Markus Ulrich, Marta Brkovic


Environmental values clarification exercise

Pimnutcha Promduangsri, Pariphat Promduangsri, Berill Blair, David Crookall


Mobi-Switch: a serious game to simulate changes in urban mobility

Colin Lashermes, Cédric Baudrit, Corinne Curt, Christophe Fernandez, Franck Taillandier


Game Jam using the LOOP Method: A Practical and Immersive Introduction to Game Design

Jérôme Legrix-Pagès, Nicolas Habonneau, Damien Leroy



Parallel workshop session B

Wednesday, 05/July/2023: 1:30pm - 3:00pm


The Groundhog Leadership Experiment

Mátyás Jen¿ Hartyádi


Playing Cards and Learning ‘Heaps’

Elyssebeth Ellen Leigh, Elizabeth Tipton



Pieter van der Hijden


How to sustainabilize existing Simulation Games

Marieke de Wijse, Sustainability Friends and


E4Citizens: Engaging and Empowering actors in the Energy transition

Anastasia Ponomareva


Empowering Youth to Build Sustainable Business: Insights from EVER Virtual Internship in Africa

Gercia Sequeira, Gildo Cossa, Vali Issufo, Come Amarildo


10 Commandments of the Serious Game Padawan: Lessons Learned After 4 Years of Professional Training

Iza Marfisi-Schottman, Thomas Longeon, Cindy Furnon, Bertrand Marne


Decolonizing the Play: Diversophy Game on Decolonization

Amna Ben Amara, George Simons



Parallel workshop session C

Wednesday, 05/July/2023: 4:00pm - 6:00pm


Rapid prototyping of analogue card games – Choose your topic, brainstorm, design and play!

Maria Freese, Birgit Zürn, Isabella Fischer, Simon Hahn


Collective and individual decision making on cost sharing and cooperation for an inclusive society

Yoko Kitakaji


The Symbiotic Industrial Park Game: SIP GAME

Ahinara Francisco López, Pastora María Bello Bugallo




Parallel workshop session D

Thursday, 06/July/2023: 1:30pm - 3:00pm


PASOS _ Play the future of the Bolivian Amazon

Nastasia Boul Lefeuvre, Anne Dray, Ivan Novotny


Exploring the world of tropical agro-forestry in 10 games

Erika Speelman, Gildas Assogba, Federico Andreotti, Lisa Best, Alemu Debay, Margaret Githinji, Arief Hakim, Elisabeth Lagneaux, Andrew Miccolis, Pauina Rosero, Rika Sari, Lisa Tanika, Charles Wamucii, Ali Yansyah Abdurrahim, Gertjan Hofstede, Meine van Noordwijk


Replicate: a serious gaming intervention about effective communication

Ivo Wenzler


Just Solar Panels

Nourian Peters, Annemiek De Looze, Sander ten Caat, Aarthi Sundaram, Geertje Bekebrede


How to generate impact with sustainability games?

Markus Ulrich, Andreas Gerber, Hannah Wiemers, Swen Bos


A Visit to the Orbital Future Life Station

Jose Ochoa, Carlos Ochoa



Pieter van der Hijden, Fablabs and SDGs Global Working Group


Live-Coding-Hub for Transform|Ability-Research

Martin Gerner



Parallel workshop session E

Friday, 07/July/2023: 10:00am - 12:00pm


Improving strategic optionality in face of looming Black Swans

Alexander Nieuwborg, Nicolas Salliou, Marijke Melles, Suzanne Hiemstra-van Mastrigt, Jan Zekveld, Sicco Santema


The Citizen Outbreak Responder: a serious game for the management of an infectious disease outbreak

Chieu Hoang Tran, Duc Manh Nguyen, Gabriel Cardozo Muller, Joel Mburu Kuria, Duy Hoang Giang Dang, Julia Kasali Lima, Marc Choisy, Mariana Recamonde-Mendoza, Mary Chambers, Miriam Allein Zago Marcolino, Ngoc Nhung Hoang, Quoc Giang Nguyen, Ricardo Kuchenbecker, Sylvia Kiwuwa-Muyingo, Yi-Roe Tan, Jean-Emmanuel Rougier, Serge Stinckwich, Peiling Yap


SPECTOR – The Sustainability Inspector: A participatory game for researching and learning about school sustainability

Marta Brkovi¿ Dodig, Andreas Gerber


Imagining a Sustainable Future

Jaap de Goede


Sustain2030 – An SDG simulation game for developing sustainability strategies

Barbara Holzner


Planet C - Play Again?: Becoming agent of Change  

Planet C Collective


Straight talking about serious games; why, what, and how to improve communication about games

Erika Speelman, Romina Rodela



Parallel workshop session F

Friday, 07/July/2023: 1:15pm - 4:45pm


LittoWag a serious game to explore adaptation scenarios face to coastal risks

Julie Latune, Eva Perrier, Mariana Rios, Joana-Line Guerreiro, Géraldine Abrami, Nils Ferrand


Limits to Growth: try a commercial game about serious topic

Alexandre Poyé


Hex by Richard Duke. The best simulation game ever!

Marieke de Wijse


Everybody wants to rule the world: playing SOLUTRE to foster local governance and transformative changes

Damien MARAGE, Anne JEGOU, David SIMIAND, Nicolas BECU, Catherine CARRE


komm:loop – nutrient cycles in municipalities

Hannah Wiemers, Markus Ulrich



Pieter van der Hijden, Fablabs and SDGs Global Working Group


ISAGA Summer School 2023 Workshop

Marcin Wardaszko, Ryoju Hamada



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