La Rochelle: a beautiful port city in western France on the Atlantic coast

La Rochelle is a coastal tourist town in western France. Its historic port is beautifully preserved with a long quayside where you can walk around, watch the boats, large and small, and enjoy French cuisine in one of the town's many restaurants. Located on the Atlantic coast, you will be close to many places to visit in the region, including the island of Ré which is only 20 minutes away, where you will find beautiful sandy beaches, and pine forests.

As in other tourist cities, it can sometimes be difficult to find good accommodation in La Rochelle. In order to get the best rates and to avoid difficult situations, we strongly recommend to book your hotel in advance (consider making your reservations from April).


La Rochelle Tourist office: your main entry-point for planning your visit 

The website of La Rochelle Tourist office will answer all your questions to help you prepare for your visit in the best possible conditions. Some important information:

- by train (Paris-La Rochelle: 2hr30 to 4hr ; low price ; low carbon emission ; check the TGV (high-speed) trains website. Consider taking the train if you can. It's the least CO2 intensive way to travel.
- by car (420 km from Toulouse ; 430 km from Brest ; 467 km from Paris ; 650 km from Lyon ; 650 km from Montpellier ; 690 km from Lille ; 860 km from London ; 870 km from Madrid ; 970 km from Amsterdam ; 980km from Nice ;  980km from Zurich ; 1050 km from Stuttgart ; 1500 km from Berlin ; 1600 km from Rome ; 10100 km from Tokyo)
- by plane (check the airlines and departure cities that serve La Rochelle airport).  La Rochelle airport is a small airport with few routes. If you are flying into France, we strongly recommend that you land in Paris, then take the train to La Rochelle. There are some train that connect Paris Charles de Gaulles airport, directly to La Rochelle (without going through the centre of Paris).  Alternatively, you could consider landing in Nantes or Bordeaux and then taking the train.


More about accomodation

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Conference building

The conference will take place at La Rochelle University - Faculty of Letters, Languages, Arts and Humanities.

Address: 1 Parvis Fernand Braudel, La Rochelle.

The building is ideally located 5 minutes walk from the historic port.


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