Eighth IAPR

    International Workshop on Graphics Recognition - GREC 2009

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From now, due to a high number of participants and for security reason, the social event registration does not guarantee the participation to the boat trip and the tyrolean anymore. However, the banquet is still available.

Sorry for any inconvenients.

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To register to GREC2009, please create an account or log-in, then fill up the forms below.and finally click on "Submit".  If you have chosen "Visa/Mastercard" a secure payment enviroment will be available (popup window) to complete your transaction. Please, make sure that the popup blocking of your browser is disabled. You should receive an email confirming your registration.

To encourage people to attend to the  social event, the registration fees are now including all services: welcome reception, lunches, coffee break, social event, banquet.  The organization offers an important discount for early registrants ....


GREC 2009 Registration

Registration fees include all sessions, plenary sessions, proceedings , welcome reception , lunch and social events. Additional costs apply for the post-conference tour. GREC2009 will be held at the campus of La  Rochelle University. All prices are in Euros.



Until June 10

From June 11
to July 23

IAPR Member***

€ 290

€ 330

IAPR Non-Member

€ 320

€ 360


€ 195

€ 230

Industrials € 480 € 520

Additional Social Event Ticket****

€ 70 (real cost € 170)

Travel to ICDAR (more)

 € 350  (before 30 May) € 400 after 30 May

Sponsors (Full services, see Sponsoring section for more details) € 600
Sponsors + one additional person € 900


Refund policy: refunds will be accepted until July 10 with a processing fee of 60€. After this date, no refunds will be accepted.


Travel to ICDAR
The organizing committee is planning a trip to Barcelona (ICDAR2009) on July 24, 2009. 


**Student Registration
A letter of verification from the department chair must accompany student registration. Any registration received without a verification letter will not be processed. Copies of student identification cards are not acceptable.


***IAPR Member Registration
If applying as a member, you must provide your member id number of the national organization associated to IAPR.


****Social Event Ticket (more)
From now, for security reason and due to a high number of participants, the social event does not guarantee the boat trip and the tyrolean, However, the banquet is still included.


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