Eighth IAPR

    International Workshop on Graphics Recognition - GREC 2009

You have different possibilities for coming to La Rochelle.

    1/ You can come by plane from Lyon : http://www.larochelle.aeroport.fr/

    2/ You can come by train :  www.sncf.fr

    3/ You can come by car

when arrived to La rochelle, in ordre to come to the University, follow the link GREC's area Map - How to come to theUniversity

If you arrive by plane (Airport of the La Rochelle-Laleu)

    - You will be able to travel by a taxi or the bus line 7;
    -  then correspondence Place of Verdun lines 10,17,19 (Technoforum stop)

 If you arrive by train

    -  Paris (take Montparnasse station in Paris) - La Rochelle :  approximately 3 hours
    - Bordeaux - La Rochelle: 2:15

    - Then correspondence by the bus, street of Colmar: Lines 10 and 17 (Technoforum stop);

    - Price of the unit ticket: 1.20 €

    - Possible Month's subscription, for young person less than 26 years (bus + lend of a bicycle): 24.30€

If you arrive by car, take direction “Les Minimes”,

the university site is between SNCF railway station and the port of Les Minimes.

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