Eighth IAPR

    International Workshop on Graphics Recognition - GREC 2009

For its eighth edition, the  organization committee of GREC has decided to organize a wonderful social event which will permit to discover the city of La Rochelle in all its aspects.  Social Event Cost is 70€, when its real cost for the organizers is 170€

Image of catamaran Starting with the sea  by visiting the coast and the islands on a huge Catamaran
Image of catamaran

La Rochelle and the surrounding islands. Who has never dreamed of making a tour catamaran in the sun, with the ocean out of sight while enjoying some sweet snacks?


After this nice sea promenade, let you guide in the heart of the city and drag the remnants of the past, symbol of the history of our city.

What's better than a tyrolean between our two old towers, starting at 28 meters high, to take profit of the view of the   our region landscape !

All this is nicely accompanied by a cocktail in the Saint Nicolas Tower itself ! (the left one on the picture)

Wonderful souvenir guaranteed !

Finally, to end the evening, a gala dinner in the Aquarium of La Rochelle !

From There, you can enjoy the sea delights, served with a nice view over the old town, the old port and the ocean.

Come relax and discover our beautiful city!

Restaurant of Aquarium

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