Accepted Papers

CLA'2013 received 37 papers out of which 22 are accepted as full papers; representing an acceptance rate of 59.46%.

Papers accepted as "FULL paper" 


  1. Abdoulkader Osman Guédi, Marianne Huchard, André Miralles and Clémentine Nebut. Practical Application of Relational Concept Analysis to class model factorization: lessons learned from a thematic information system.

  2. Ants Torim. Galois Sub-Hierarchies Used for Use Case Modeling.

  3. Jaume Baixeries, Mehdi Kaytoue and Amedeo Napoli. Computing Similarity Dependencies with Pattern Structures.

  4. Alexandre Bazin and Jean-Gabriel Ganascia. Enumerating Pseudo-Intents in a Partial Order.

  5. Patrick De Causmaecker and Stefan De Wannemacker. Decomposition of intervals in the space of anti-monotonic functions.

  6. Cynthia Vera Glodeanu. Attribute exploration with fuzzy attributes and background knowledge.

  7. Clément Guérin, Karell Bertet and Arnaud Revel. An efficient Java implementation of the immediate successors calculation.

  8. Florent Domenach. CryptoLat - a Pedagogical Software on Lattice Cryptomorphisms and Lattice Properties.

  9. Ondrej Kridlo and Manuel Ojeda-Aciego. CRL-ChuCors.

  10. Ondrej Kridlo, Stanislav Krajci, Lubomir Antoni and Patrik Mihalcin. Formal concept analysis of higher order.

  11. Xavier Dolques, Florence Le Ber and Marianne Huchard. AOC-poset: a scalable alternative to Concept Lattices for Relational Concept Analysis.

  12. David Ernesto Caro Contreras and Andres Mendez-Vazquez. Computing the Concept Lattice using Maximal Rectangles and Morphological Neural Networks Theory.

  13. Jan Konecny and Manuel Ojeda-Aciego. Isotone L-bonds.

  14. Renzo Stanley, Hernán Astudillo, Víctor Codocedo and Amedeo Napoli. A Conceptual-KDD approach and its application to cultural heritage.

  15. Nelly Barbot, Laurent Miclet and Henri Prade. Analogical proportions and the factorization of information in distributive lattices.

  16. Marketa Krmelova and Martin Trnecka. Boolean Factor Analysis of Multi-Relational Data.

  17. Aleksey Buzmakov, Elias Egho, Nicolas Jay, Sergei O. Kuznetsov, Amedeo Napoli and Chedy Raïssi. On Projections of Sequential Pattern Structures (with an application on care trajectories).

  18. Francisco José Valverde Albacete and Carmen Peláez-Moreno. Spectral Lattices of matrices over completed idempotent semifields.

  19. Cristina Alcalde, Ana Burusco, Juan Carlos Díaz, Ramon Fuentes-Gonzalez and Jesús Medina-Moreno. On information retrieval in morphological image and signal processing.

  20. Melisachew Wudage Chekol and Amedeo Napoli. A Study on the Correspondence between FCA and ELI Ontologies.

  21. Dmitry Gnatyshak, Dmitry Ignatov and Sergei O. Kuznetsov. Experimental Comparison of Some [Triclustering Algorithms].

  22. Jan Outrata. A lattice-free concept lattice update algorithm based on *CbO.


Papers accepted as "SHORT paper"

  1. Bruce Barkstrom. Applying User-Guided, Dynamic FCA to Navigational Searches for Earth Science Data and Documentation.

  2. My Thao Tang and Yannick Toussaint. An FCA-Based Collaborative Environment for Building Ontologies.

  3. Julia Grebeneva, Nikolay Shilov and Natalia Garanina. Towards Description Logic on Concept Lattices.

  4. Angel Mora Bonilla, Pablo Cordero, Manuel Enciso and Manuel Ojeda-Aciego. Computing Left-Minimal Direct Basis of implications.

  5. Lenka Pisková and Tomas Horvath. Comparing Performance of Formal Concept Analysis and Closed Frequent Itemset Mining Algorithms on Real Data.

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