La Rochelle is a touristic city and it hosts various events all around the year. Like other toursitic cities, finding a good accomodation in La Rochelle can sometimes become difficult. In order to avail the best rates and to avoid the difficult situation, we highly recommend an early hotel reservation to all the conference participants.


Hotels in La Rochelle are filling quickly, as many other events are to be held during same dates as of CLA'2013.


The CLA'2013 organization committe has pre-reserved a certain number of hotel rooms for the CLA'2013 participants. Please note that the pre-reservation is only to ensure the room availability and you have to book the hotel room yourself ! 

You may please choose a hotel from the following list, as per your preferences:


Hôtel Saint-Nicolas, La Rochelle ibis Hotel, Vieux Port La Rochelle Altica Hotel, La Rochelle
Hotel Saint-Nicolas Hotel ibis, Vieux Port Altica Hotel

 60€ / night (breakfast included)

10 rooms until 30/09/2013

89€ / night  (1-2 person) 


 46€ / night ( + 5.90€ breakfast)

20 rooms until 01/10/2013

Hôtel Kyriad     Hôtel Les Gens de Mer

89€ / night ( + 11€ breakfast)

10 rooms until 30/09/2013



68 € / night ( + 9€ breakfast)

8 rooms until 15/09/2013

3 triple rooms (90€ / night)


In order to avail the negotiated tarifs, during your reservation please do not forget to indicate that you are attending the conference CLA'2013 at University of La Rochelle.


A complete list of hotels in La Rochelle, is available on the website of the tourism office of La Rochelle.

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