July 2-4 2012, University of La Rochelle, France

The 5th conference on Applied Geometric Algebras in Computer Science and Engineering will take place from July 2 to July 4 in La Rochelle, France. It will be organized by MIAUniversity of La Rochelle, and XLIM/SICUniversity of Poitiers.

University of La Rochelle

Videos of the presentations are available on La Rochelle University video platform:


Presentations slides :

Tutorial on Clifford Algebras - M. Berthier

Tutorial on Geometric Calculus - D. Hestenes

Geometric Algebra enhanced Precompiler for C++ and OpenCL - Patrick Charrier and Dietmar Hildenbrand

Implementing Geometric Algebra Products with Binary Trees - L. Fuchs and L. Théry

Calculation of Elements of Spin Groups Using Generalized Pauli's Theorem - D. Shirokov

Quaternion Geometric Averaging in Exponential and Logarithmic Maps - J. Angulo

Conformal Image Representation - G. El Mir, C. Saint Jean and M. Berthier

Computing Perspective Projections in 3-Dimensions Using Rotors in the Conformal Model - R. Goldman

Perspective Projection of Points in the Conformal Model Using Transversions - S. Mann

Clifford Fourier Transform for Image Harmonic Analysis - T. Batard and M. Berthier

A Discrete Approach to Monogenic Analysis through Radon Transform - R. Soulard and P. Carré

Two-sided Clifford Fourier Transform with Square Roots of -1 in Cl(p,q) - E. Hitzer

Hypercomplex Polynomial Wavelets Packet Application for Color Image - B. Augereau and P. Carré

Geometric Language for Robotics - Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano 

Translation and Convolution in Clifford Analysis (Part 1) - H. De Bie

Translation and Convolution in Clifford Analysis (Part 2) - N. De Schepper

A Clifford Algebraic Framework for Coxeter Group Theoretic Computations - P. Dechant

Quaternionic Wigner-Ville Distribution - T. Ell and N. Le Bihan

Color monogenic wavelet representation based on a tensor-like use of the Riesz transform : application to image coding - R. Soulard and P. Carré

Hilbert and Riesz Transforms Based on Atomic Functions for Image Processing - E. Moya Sanchez and E. Bayro Corrochano

Approximate Least Squares Fitting of Hyperspheres and Hypercircles using CGA - L. Dorst

Quaternionic Sparse Approximation - Q. Barthélemy, A. Larue and J. Mars

Lines Classification in the Conformal Space \Rs{n+1,1} - L. Aveneau and A. Tenorio

The Non-degenerate Dupin Cyclides in the Space of Spheres using Geometric Algebra - L. Druoton, L. Fuchs, L. Garnier and R. Langevin

Robust Pose Control of Robot Manipulators using Geometric Algebra - L. Jimenez, O. Carbajal Espinosa, A. Lioukanov and E. Bayro Corrochano

Vortex Detection in Vector Fields using Geometric Algebra - S. Pollock and S. Mann

Detection of Outer Rotations on 3D Vector Fields - R. Bujack, G. Scheueurmann and E. Hitzer  (additional files)

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