July 2-4 2012, University of La Rochelle, France

The 5th conference on Applied Geometric Algebras in Computer Science and Engineering will take place from July 2 to July 4 in La Rochelle, France. It will be organized by MIAUniversity of La Rochelle, and XLIM/SICUniversity of Poitiers.

University of La Rochelle

Applied Geometric Algebras in Computer Science and Engineering 2012

Conference Aims

AGACSE 2012 is the 5th in this series of conferences and will bring together researchers from different disciplines within the Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Computer Science communities. The conference will explore algebraic techniques for geometrical problems, study the relationships between them, and establish new links.

Previous Events


Satellite Event

 Special Session on "Geometric Algebra and Applications" at the conference IKM 2012

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  • Photos of the conference are here.
  • Group photo is here.
  • Pierre-Philippe Dechant (Durham University) has won the award for the best paper for his article entitled :

"A Clifford Algebraic Framework for Coxeter Group Theoretic Computations" 

  • The conference is now over ! Slides are available.

Conference Chairs

  • Michel Berthier, La Rochelle University, France
  • Laurent Fuchs, Poitiers University, France
  • Christophe Saint-Jean, La Rochelle University, France



La Rochelle University

Universi de Poitiers










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