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Wednesday 5th June


8h00-9h00: Registration

9h00-10h00: Opening of the conference


Session 1 - Marine resources, biotechnologies and fisheries


10h00: Keynote Phillipe Potin

10h45: Valorization and characterization of wild and cultivated seaweeds from Ré island with integrated multitrophic aquaculture using biostimulation and seasonality by Izambart J., Gauvin T., Jouannet H., Arnaudin I.

11h00: Mackerel (Scomber scombrus) catches distribution by machine-learning methods by Goikoetxea N., Goienetxea I., Caballero A., Ibaibarriaga L., Paradinas J., Quincoces I., Mateo M.

11h15 Influences of larval cloud and environmental parameters on the success of Pacific oyster settlement: A comparative study between Charente-Maritime and the Arcachon Bay by Barbier P., Béchade M.

11h30: Dynamics of the social-ecological system of the French small pelagic fishery in the Bay of Biscay over the last two decades by Huret M., Daurès F., Doray M., Hervé H., Romagnan JB., Travers-Trolet M., Lehuta S.

11h45: Shellfish relaying trial on longlines located in offshore waters of the Basque coast (southeastern Bay of Biscay) by Zorita I., Solaun O., Rodríguez J.G., González M.

12h00: Lunch


Session 2 - Physical and chemical oceanography, geology, biogeochemistry


14h00: Venice and the Acqua Alta in the perspective of Climate Change by Umgiesser G.

14h45: Measuring wind waves in fetch-limited coastal environments with pressure gauges: limitations and perspectives by Martins K., Bayle P., Nicolae-Lerma A., Ganthy F., Le Pevedic A.

15h00: Loire and Gironde’s regions of freshwater influence over the Bay of Biscay continental shelf during the last two decades by Martinez-Almoyna M., Charria G., Sourisseau M., Gaymard A., Couvelard X., Theetten S., Le Roux J-F.

15h15: Riverine inputs, suspended particulate matter, and submesoscale circulation in the shallow Pertuis Sea (NE Atlantic) by Lesniak Q., Le Fouest V., Dupuy C., Coulombier T., Dausse D., Doxaran D., Lacoue-Labarthe T., Polsenaere P., Deborde J., Ballu V., Rabouille C.

15h30: Impact of coastal Current Convergence Structures and windage in the spatial distribution of floating marine litter in the southeastern Bay of Biscay by Bertin S., Rubio A., Hernandez-Carrasco I., Orfila A., Sentchev A.

15h45: Exploring physical and biogeochemical properties of the Adour River plume from a glider mission by Manso-Narvarte I., Rubio A., Almudena Fontán A., Chifflet M., Larreta J., Nieto A., Luis Ferrer L., Sagarminaga Y., Caballero A., Mader J.

16h00: Coffee break

16h45: Benthic fluxes at the scale of a tidal sandy bay: diffusive versus advective (tidal pumping) contribution by Anschutz P., Charbonnier C.

17h00: Understanding saltmarsh dynamics: Factors influencing sediment and carbon accumulation rates by Amann B., Chaumillon E., Schmidt S., Bertin X., Pignon-Mussaud C.

17h15: Carbon sequestration as alkalinity and associated biogeochemical processes in the Arcachon Lagoon by Kanfer P., Anschutz P., Charbonnier C.

17h30: The multi-decadal response of solid and solute transport across the global-ocean seafloor in response to climate change by van der Zant H.F., Sulpis O., Carroll D., Menemenlis D., Middelburg J.J., Suselj K., Le Fouest V.

18h00: Poster session & cocktail at the Musée Maritime, salle de réception (2nd floor).


Thursday 6th June


Session 3 - Biodiversity, structure and ecosystem functioning


8h30: Loss of genetic diversity in the endemic and non-indigenous clams, Ruditapes decussatus and R. philippinarum, along the French coasts by Le Clanche U., Painblanc S., Heurtebise S., Chollet B., Garcia C., Cormier A., Riquet F.

8h45: Morphological and genetic study confirming the first occurrence of Postenterogonia orbicularis (Schmarda, 1859) (Plathyhelmintes: Polycladida) in the Bay of Biscay and the European waters by López-Alonso R., Pascual-Parra E., González-Toral C., del Cerro A., Muñoz M., Soto-López V., Menéndez-Teleña D., Carrera-Rodríguez I., García-Maza J.A., Cires E., Arias A.

9h00: Spatio-temporal changes in benthic biological activity traces within the West Gironde Mud Patch as assessed through Sediment Profile Imagery by Lamarque B., Romero-Ramirez A., Deflandre B., Bernard G., Schmidt S., Garabetian F., Grasso F., Sottolichio A., Dubosq N., Rigaud S., Danilo M., Grémare A.

9h15: First histopathological, ultrastructural and molecular characterization of an amphipod-infecting syndinean parasite; hints for a novel sister genus of Hematodinium and Syndinium by Urrutia A., Marigomez I., Arzul I., Feist S., Bass D.

9h30: Mesoscale organization and trophic functioning of the benthic shelf ecosystem in the Bay of Biscay by Outrequin T., Laffargue P., Grall J., Le Bris H.

9h45: Benthic tunicates (Chordata: Ascidiacea) from marinas of the Central Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay) by Díez-Muñoz M., Pascual-Parra E., López-Alonso R., Arias

10h00: Coffee break

10h45: Investigating dietary changes in the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) in the Bay of Biscay over the last 20 years by Faure J., Niol J., Spitz J.

11h00: Evolution of the energy seascapes of common dolphin based on the spring distribution of small pelagic fish in the Bay of Biscay by Favreau A., Spitz J., Huret M., Doray M.

11h15: Revealing trophic guilds and niche segregation among marine megafauna in the Bay of Biscay by Iglesias B., Giménez J., Preciado I., Méndez-Fernández P., Chouvelon T., Bustamante P., Fort J., Goñi N., Spitz J., Astarloa A., Louzao M.

11h30: Segregation of short-beaked common dolphins Delphinus delphis in European Atlantic waters inferred from ecological tracers by Mille T., Caurant F., Méndez-Fernandez P., Pillet M., Spitz J., Viricel A., Alves F., Ferreira R., Covelo P., Pin X., López A., Torres-Pereira A., Eira C., Gaudino M., McHugh B., Murphy S., Chouvelon T.

11h45: Spatial overlap of an endangered seabird with marine protected areas and human activities in the NE Atlantic by Louzao M., García D., Carrasco G., García-Barón I., Ramírez M., Arcos P.

12h00: Lunch


Session 4 - Anthropogenic effects and ecosystem management


14h00: Strong variations of lithium concentration and isotopic composition in marine organisms by Vigier N., Thibon F., Metian M., Poet M., Counillon L., Chen D., Montanes M., Telouk P., Balter V., Bustamante P.

14h45: Source and distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments of the Ibaizabal and Oiartzun estuaries in the southeastern Bay of Biscay (2009-2023) by Larreta J., Solaun O., Rodríguez J.G., Zorita I.

15h00: Distribution and reactivity of contaminants of emerging concern in the surface microlayer by Naimah Z., Lanceleur L., Monperrus M.

15h15: Spatio-temporal variability of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins, dibenzofurans and polychlorinated biphenyls in estuarine and coastal bivalves from the Basque Country (SE Bay of Biscay): years 2008-2023 by Rodríguez J.G., Zorita I., Solaun O., Larreta J., Abad E., Ábalos M.

15h30: Chemical contamination of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in French waters by Boubet S., Caurant F., Méndez Fernandez P.

15h45: Hg and PFAS contamination in seabirds: A multi-site and multispecies study in the Bay of Biscay by Lemesle P., Carravieri A., Poiriez G., Jouanneau W., Sebastiano M., Batard R., Budzinski H., McCoy K., Fort J., Labadie P., Martinez-Alvarez I., Chastel O., Bustamante P.

16h00: Coffee break

16h45: Assessment of the incidence of plastic ingestion by seabirds from the Bay of Biscay (southwestern Europe) by Franco J., Fort J., García G., García-Barón I., Iglesias B., Loubat P., del Puerto O., Zorita I., Louzao M.

17h00: Experimental evaluation of the response of Mytilus galloprovincialis against heavy metals and its utility as a bioindicator by Navarro-Murillo E., Rico P., Arias A., Pascual-Parra E., Gutiérrez-Torre A., Garcia-Ordiales E., Rico J.M.

17h15: Integrated biological responses of mussels exposed to lithium by Noguera L., Benito D., Briaudeau T., Ruiz P., Izagirre U.

17h30: Hediste diversicolor (O.F. Müller, 1776) as bioindicator of microplastic contamination evolution from 1980 to 2021 in a protected estuarine environment of the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay) by Pascual-Parra E., Lopez-Alonso R., Gutiérrez-Torre A., Navarro-Murillo E., Arias A.

17h45: Maritime traffic and its relation with plastics and microplastics pollution in SW Bay of Biscay, revealed from citizen science by Rivas-Iglesias L., Soto-López V., Garcia-Vazquez E., Dopico E.

18h00: A novel approach for ecosystem-based conservation planning in the Bay of Biscay by Lukyanova O., Pouso S., García-Barón I., Borja A., Galparsoro I.

18h15: Towards the integration of knowledge on the Bay of Biscay in support of ecosystem-based management? by Lehuta, S.

18h30: Free visit of the Aquarium of La Rochelle

21h30: Gala Dinner at Iséo Restaurant, 4 Place de la Chaîne, 17000 La Rochelle


Friday 7th June


8h30: Are marine recreational activities as sustainable as they look? Understanding their potential pressures and hotspots for better management by Uyarra M.C., Montero N., Menchaca I., Pouso S., Uriarte A., Castro R., Solaun O., Alonso C., Bachiller E., Bald J., Bidegain G., Borja A., Elso I., Erauskin E., Erauskin M., Irigoyen X., Liria P., Murillas A., Nieto A., Ruano A., Uranga J., Zorita I.

8h45: A hydromorphological quality index used for the evaluation of the hydromorphological status of transitional and coastal water bodies in the Basque coast (southeastern Bay of Biscay) by Solaun O., Fontán A., Borja A., González M., Manzanos A.

9h00: Understanding morphological evolution and sediment dynamics at multi- time scales helps balance human activities and protect coastal ecosystems: An example with the Gironde and Pertuis Marine Park by Schmitt A., Chaumillon E.

9h15: Physical cumulative pressures analysis approach to Good Environmental Status Assessment by Márquez Reyes A.M., Fernández de Arcaya Redondo U.C., Punzón Merino A.

9h30: Assessment of the impact of fisheries on sedimentary habitats of the Basque continental shelf by Garmendia J.M., Montero N., Martínez U., Pouso S., Rodríguez J.G., Muxika I., Mandiola G., Galparsoro I.

9h45: Advancing Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management for demersal and pelagic fleets in the Bay of Biscay by Andrés M., García D., Sánchez S., Ibaibarriaga L., López de Gamiz A.

10h00: Coffee break


Session 3 - Biodiversity, structure and ecosystem functioning


10h45: OSTREOBILA: Advancing knowledge and developing management tools for the microalgae Ostreopsis spp. on the Basque coast by Bocquet-Escourrou A., Egia Larrinaga N., Antajan E., Monperrus M., Seoane S.

11h00: Applying Bayesian network model to project Zostera noltei distribution under climate change scenarios in the Oka estuary (Basque Country, N Spain) by Mandiola G., Galparsoro I., Valle M., Garmendia J.M., Garnier R., Franco J., Borja A., Chust G., Pouso S., Bald J., Fernandes-Salvador J.A.

11h15: Identifying spatiotemporal patterns and drivers of change in Bay of Biscay chlorophyll-a surface concentration and Sea Surface Temperature over the last two decadesby Huguet A., Petigas P., Ozanam B., Dorand M., Doray M.

11h30: Dynamics of fisheries resources under environmental constraints: two case study in the Bay of Biscayby Grandrémy N., Petitgas P., Romagnan J-B., Dupuy C., Doray M., Huret M., Lecomte J-B. Le Pape O.

11h45: Temporal variation in sexual maturity of black-bellied anglerfish (Lophius budegassa) in northern Spanish waters by Landa J., Antolínez A., Dueñas-Liaño C., Maneiro I., Gutierrez O., Iglesias D., Reparaz M., Valmaseda L., Modica L.

12h00: Lunch

14h00: Does the decrease in anchovy size reflect a poor stock status? by Aldanondo N., Gonzalez-Taboada F., Boyra G., Ibaibarriaga L.1, Arevalo E., Chust G., Cotano U.

14h15: Inventory and characterization of the residual populations of native oysters, Ostrea edulis, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine by Carpentier C., Vieira J., Arzul I., Barbier P., Oudot G., Bodin P., Leleu K., Weiller Y.

14h30: Spatiotemporal variability of kelp-like (Saccorhiza polyschides) populations along the Asturias coast (North of Spain) by Rico P., Navarro-Murillo E., Rico J.M.

14h45: Natural variability in health, growth and reproduction in mussels from the Bay of Biscay: a lifespan-long caging experiment in the Bay of Plentzia by Blanco-Rayón E., Izagirre U., Saénz J., Marigómez I.

15h00: Arthropod diversity from the Central Cantabrian Sea and the Avilés Canyons System (Bay of Biscay) by Gutiérrez-Torre A., Pascual-Parra E.1, Navarro-MurillO E., Arias A.

15h15: Bathyal feeding of amphipods and isopods (Crustacea: Peracarida) at the Le Danois Bank (S Bay of Biscay) by Frutos I., Guerra-García J.M.

15h30: Functional trait-based approach revealed differences in foraging strategies of deep pelagic fish species along the depth gradient in the Bay of Biscay by Loutrage L., Spitz J., Chouvelon T., Simon-Bouhet B., Dubourg R., Chantre C.,Brind’Amour A.

15h45: Research priorities and roadmap for deep-sea ecology in the Bay of Biscay (Northeast Atlantic) by Galparsoro I. Menchaca I., Manso-Navarte I., Ruiz I., Uyarra M.C., Franco J., Muxika I., Montero N., Canals M., Serrano A., González-Irusta J.M., Colaço A., Gómez-Ballesteros M., Cristobo J., Ríos P., McGrath F., Borja Á.

16h00: Closing of the congress.


Saturday 8th June


9h00-16h00: Fieldtrip to La Pointe de Gazeau, Oléron Island




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