The Pointe de Gatseau (Ile d'Oléron): an example of highly dynamic coastal development



The aim of this field trip to the Ile d'Oleron is to discover one of the most dynamic environments in terms of erosion in the Bay of Biscay.


Topics covered: Coastline dynamics and climate change

Morphodynamics of river mouths and human activities

Sedimentary records of storm-induced marine submersion.

Practical information

Around 1 hour's drive from La Rochelle, the Pointe de Gatseau offers an opportunity to observe one of the most dynamic coastlines in Europe. From the car park, a 2-hour walk around the Pointe de Gatseau will enable you to: (1) admire an unspoilt coastline that is still evolving; (2) visit the main types of temperate coastal sedimentary environment; (3) observe the consequences of exceptional coastal erosion; (4) observe deposits that have recorded very recent marine submersions.

Departure for the field trip on Saturday 8 June at 9 a.m. with a mini-bus to Ile d'Oléron. The price includes transport and lunch (picnic). Return to La Rochelle by 4pm in the afternoon.


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