The lunch on Wednesday 3 May will be an opportunity to get together to taste oysters, a local speciality.
A visit to a oyster farm is planned in order to discover a traditional way of breeding in the Charente-Maritime.

The oyster farm is nearby L'Houmeau marsh, which is under the responsibility of the UMR LIENSs. It is the property of the CNRS.
Located in the commune of L'Houmeau, it is next to oyster ponds and two inlets.

The marsh has a total area of 7 hectares. It is divided into an area with land basins and buildings, and an area that can be submerged at high tide.
All these basins are fed directly by sea water.
It is an experimental marsh which has existed since 1985 and where many different experiments have taken place: breeding of imperial shrimps, clams, and oysters; experiments on sea bass and mullets in different environments for example.


Marais de L'Houmeau

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