Programme AFIS, May 21-23 2015


Thursday 21 May


12h30-13h30 Registration, MdE (Maison des étudiants/Espace Culture)


13h45-14h30 : Welcoming addresses, MdE (Maison des étudiants/Espace Culture)


Stéphane Aymard, representing the French Ambassador to Ireland

The Deputy Head of Mission of the Irish Embassy, Ms Caitriona Doyle

Dr. Mathias Tranchant, Vice-Président du Conseil d’Administration de l’Université de La Rochelle

Catherine Benguigui, Vice-Présidente Culture, Vie Sportive et Associative de l’Université de La Rochelle

Dr. Eamon Maher, Director of the National Centre for Franco-Irish Studies 


14h30-15h30: Plenary lecture, chaired by Eamon Maher, MdE (Maison des étudiants/Espace Culture)


G. Neville, University College Cork: Up in the Air: A French Balloonist in Dublin in 1785.


15h30-15h50 Break


Session 1 – MdE (Maison des étudiants/Espace Culture)


Political and commercial aspects of travel, chaired by Eve Lamendour


R. Keaney, IT Tallaght: The emerging political framework for tourism in Europe: an opportunity for France and Ireland.


J. Guillaumond, University Blaise Pascal – Clermont-Ferrand 2: Marketing Irishness today. A case study on authenticity in French businesses.


A.Turlais, Centre de Recherche Education et Formation, University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense: Schooling of Travellers: A  challenging journey.


19h Short poetry readings in French and English by students supervised by Claudie Landy followed by an Apéritif at the Cloître des Dames Blanches 



Friday 22 May


Parallel Session 2 – Room B003


Gastronomy, chaired by Catherine Maignant


J. Mulcahy, Irish National Tourism Development Authority:  Gastronomy in Tourism is important, but perhaps not in the way that we thought.


M. Deleuze, Trinity College Dublin/ University of Lille III: ‘A unique sense of place, culture and hospitality’:  Fáilte Ireland and the rebranding of Ireland’s culinary culture.


M. MacConlomaire, Dublin Institute of Technology: The Influence of French Travellers on Irish Gastronomy.


Parallel Session 3 – Room B004


Voyage and literature, chaired by Brigitte Bastiat


X. Noël, Conservatoire national des arts et métiers des Pays de la Loire : Paschal Grousset : une œuvre capitale sur la condition de l’Irlande en 1887.


M. Milan, Independent scholar: Traveling Correspondents of the Nation (1842-1897): Travel Writing, Translation and Transnationalism.


T. Phillips, Liverpool Hope University: ‘Out on A Great Adventure’: The Travels of Patrick MacGill. 


M. Kennedy, Independent scolar: The Voyages of Eliza Lynch.


11h-11h20 break 


Parallel Session 4 – Room B003



Gastronomy suite, chaired by Mairtin MacConlomaire


T. Kiely, Dublin Institute of Technology: From Tullycross to La Rochelle: the development of a local mussel festival in Connemara, west Galway, and its overlap with identity and tourism.


B. Murphy, Institute of Technology Tallaght: Cognac, Scotch and Irish: Lessons in Gastronomic Identity.


S. Tondeur, University of Lille 3 / National Centre for Franco-Irish Studies: A new phenomenon: Whiskey Tourism in Ireland 


Parallel Session 5 – Room B004



Voyage and literature suite, chaired by Mary Pierse


S. Balen, Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dublin: Stepping Through the Wardrobe - Intertextual Travel through a Franco-Irish Space in Peter Sirr's 2014 collection The Rooms.


B. Keatinge, New Europe College, Bucharest, Romania: ‘Of dream and deed sown in my travelling’: Denis Devlin’s Poetics of Travel.


P. Gilligan, Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dublin: The Whale, the Shark and the Post-human-space time and masculine identities in Robert Flaherty’s Man of Aran (1934) John Huston’s Moby Dick (shot in Youghal Cork).


12h40-14h: Lunch


14h-17h00: Cultural Treasure Hunt in La Rochelle old Town


17h-19h00: Apéritif at 'The Roof' followed by a concert by ‘Les Brouilleurs d'Ecoute’ (songs in French and English)



Saturday 23 May


Parallel Session 6 – Room B003


Cultural and colonial tourism, chaired by Grace Neville


F.Sablayrolles, Université Paris 2 Panthéon-AssasSean O’Faolain’s travel writing.


C. Zytnicki, University of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès : Des Britanniques en Algérie : le tourisme des « Anglais » dans l’Algérie coloniale.


Parallel Session 7 - Room B003


George Moore, chaired by Eamon Maher


E. Maher, National Centre for Franco-Irish Studies, IT Tallaght: George Moore: Cultural Tourist in France.


M. Pierse, University College Cork: To Bayreuth via Clapham Junction: George Moore, cultural tourist par excellence?


M. Brunet, University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambrésis : Les villégiatures bellifontaines de George Moore. 



Parallel Session 8 – Room B004


Travel, Image and Identity, chaired by Paula Gilligan


É. Carroll, Trinity College Dublin: ‘Not all those who wander are lost’ (except when they are): the Epic Cycle in a postmodern world.


P-J. Jehel, département photographie de Gobelins, l’école de l’image, Paris: Paysages du tourisme irlandais, une approche par l’image photographique.


N. Moroney, Trinity College Dublin: Travel Literatures and Social Media: Reconfigured Spaces of Communication


E. Lamendour, IAE, University of La Rochelle : Avanti ! un voyage vers sa propre identité / Film festivals: a journey to one’s own identity



11h45-12h15:  Launch of the 'Etudes Irlandaises' issue on 'Religions in the Republic of Ireland', co-edited by

Catherine Maignant and Eamon Maher.  


12h30-14h Lunch



14h-15h Plenary address, chaired by Eamon Maher, Flash Lecture Hall (Amphi 100)


P. Dine, National University of Ireland, GalwayHomo ludens seeks genius loci: contested space and competing identities in French and Irish sport.



15h-15h20 break



Session 9 – Room B003


Sport, chaired by Philip Dine


P. Medcalf, Institute of Technology Tallaght: Sport – a vital ingredient in national and brand identities.


T. Philippe, University of Bretagne occidentale (Brest): La tension à son comble : une approche de l’opposition physique dans le cadre des fairs et festivals irlandais (fin XIXe – début XXe siècle).


C. Kilcline, National University of Ireland, Galway & University Claude Bernard Lyon 1: ‘Le Dakar n’est pas un voyage…’: The Paris-Dakar rally and evolving conceptions of sport, tourism and travel.


D. O’Keefe, Clongowes Wood College: The Man Who Married a Mountain and Other Stories: how the Irish conquered the Alps.



17h30 AFIS General Assembly


20h30 Conference dinner at 'L'Entracte, La Brasserie de Grégory'


Brigitte Bastiat, University of La Rochelle 
Frank Healy, University of La Rochelle



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