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AP Uncertainty 
1) Name and affiliation of workshop organizers: 

- Mireille BATTON-HUBERT, Ecole des mines de St Etienne

- Eric DESJARDIN, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne

- François PINET, INRAE, Clermont-Fd

2) Description of the workshop: 
The AP "Uncertainty" of GDR MAGIS is organizing a workshop to reflect on the drafting of volume 2 of the book 
"Geographic Data Imperfection". Volume 1 was released in 2019: 
- French: ISTE: 
- English: Wiley: 
We have planned a one-day workshop to discuss the plan of the book and present the different projects of each chapter. 

The PA "Uncertainty" was born from the need to reflect on the representation and use of epistemic uncertainty in geomatics data. Indeed, a large number of data used in geomatics, from analysis to modeling and decision-making, are marred by imperfections (imprecision, incompleteness and ambiguity).
Epistemic uncertainty arises from the lack of complete knowledge about the phenomenon under consideration, to which are associated different types of uncertainty, present in information sources, and in particular spatio-temporal data.


3) Duration: 1 day

AP Humanités numériques spatialisées

1) Name and affiliation of workshop organizers: 


- Ludovic MONCLA, INSA Lyon

2) Description of the workshop: 

The AP in Spatial Digital Humanities (HNS) of the GdR CNRS MAGIS wishes to offer a workshop during the SAGEO 2021 conference to bring together its members and more generally geomatics specialists, computer scientists as well as specialists in human and social sciences (SHS) disciplines. .
In its first year of existence, the AP organized two meetings which generated great interest, included a significant number of presentations and gave rise to enriching exchanges. Also, a workshop in HNS that we organized in early November 2020 as part of the international conference ACM SIGSPATIAL.
To continue this momentum, the workshop offered at the SAGEO conference will take the form of a half-day of exchanges allowing members of the PA and MAGIS to present their work in progress as well as tools or resources that they develop for the community. Particular emphasis will be placed on the organization of tutorials and discussion groups on targeted issues among PA themes, such as:
- the combination of NLP tools (symbolic and machine learning) to
the identification of place names and geo-semantic annotation;
- the disambiguation of place names in the context of historical corpora;
- translation into geographic coordinates or interpretation of locations and
spatial relations for corpora in natural language;
- the visualization of large masses of literary and historical data (GIS, networks,
diagram, etc).
A call for presentations (tutorials, current projects) and participation will be launched to members of the AP and MAGIS mailing lists.

3) Duration: 0.5 day, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.
Program: on line
Link to connect (zoom) : zoom


AP Python t4GPD

1) Name and affiliation of workshop organizers: 
Thomas LEDUC, AAU-CRENAU, Nantes
2) Description of the workshop: 

This workshop aims to introduce participants to the processing of spatial data via the plugin
Python3 t4gpd. It will alternate introductory contextualization with practical work in a Jupyter Notebook environment. The t4gpd tool allows you to analyze the forms of space constructed in different registers,
• bioclimatic analysis (heliothermal orientation, view from the sky, etc.), to
• the analysis of plots (orientations, distances on a graph, etc.),
• through analyzes with landscape connotations (visibility, studies of tree alignments, etc.)
• or analyzes of components of urban fabrics (identification of canyon streets, typology of intersections, etc.).
Developed within AAU-CRENAU, it benefits as much from a body of work carried out for several decades at the National School of Architecture in Nantes, as from recent developments around libraries such as GeoPandas or Shapely.

3) Duration: 1 day

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