The 1st Sino-French School on Advances in Materials (SiFSAM-1)

La Rochelle University July 01-30, 2017 (La Rochelle, France)


The 1st Sino-French School on Advances in Materials (SiFSAM-1) will be organized at La Rochelle University (La Rochelle, France) within the period July 01-30, 2017. It is part of the new and innovative programme of cooperation between France and China "ECOLES d'ETE FRANCE EXCELLENCE" initiated with the support of SCAC (Service de Coopération & d'Action Culturelle) and SST (Service pour la Science et la Technologie) of the French Embassy in Beijing, China:

SiFSAM-1 is open on a comptetive academic basis, in priority to the Chinese Students of the 2nd year of Master Degree in Physics and Chemistry of Materials. Scholarships are provided by the IFC (Institut Français de Chine) to selected students with the highest academic scores and advanced profeciency in English which is the official language of teaching and communications.

SiFSAM-1 will offer high level courses in English, meetings with leading French and Chinese researchers and University Professors to discuss hot research topics in the field of materials with solid theoretical foundations and techniques of characterization, particularly the structural ones. It also gives a unique opportunity to discover the world of research on materials compatible with the environment, with a view to preparing a doctorate in France, while discovering its culture and its language in the pleasant conditions of the City of La Rochelle which is one of the most popular touristic destination in France after "La côte d'Azur".

The school SiFSAM-1 will provide innovative teaching in the field of Material Science and Technology: Crystallography, X-ray Diffraction & Neutron Diffraction, Electron Microscopy, Synchrotron Radiation, Spectroscopy, Metallurgy & Surface Treatment, Polymer & Composite and Functional Materials.

The originality of our SiFSAM-1 France Excellence Summer School lies in its total suitability with the 5th edition of the Chinese French Symposiums on Advanced Materials (CFSAM-5) organized at La Rochelle University during the period 18-23 July 2017, corresponding to the third week of the Summer School.


The 1st Sino-French School on Advances in Materials (SiFSAM-1) will be organized at La Rochelle University (La Rochelle, France) within the period July 01-30, 2017. It is part of the new and innovative progra



Fig.1.- Vue partielle des participants au CFSAM-4

organisé à Beihang University du 30 octobre au 3 novembre 2014.


Indeed it is worth to mention that series of CFSAM are alternately organised in China and France since 2010;These series of CFSAMs have made it possible to set up an important network of international researchers and professors from China and France who meet regularly to discuss common research topics as well as collaborative projects. As shown in FIG. 1, our network of CFSAM members includes eminent researchers and Chinese academics guaranteeing the very high scientific level of our exchanges. Of course, students participating in our SiFSAM Summer School will be directly involved in this important network. This will ensure a great success of professional insertion in China, as post-docs, researchers in university or in R & D because our network brings together Engineers of French companies established in China, Academicians and Professors of the most prestigious universities of China: (i) Peking University; (Ii) Tsinghua University; (Iii) Shanghai Institute of Ceramis-Chinese Academy of Science; (Iv) Institute of Physics-Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing; V) Beihang University, vi) Tongi University, vii) Xi'An Jiaotong University, viii) Guilin University of Technology; Ix) many Chinese Institutes ready to receive PhD students trained in France.

The young Chinese participants at our SiFSAM School will be able to be welcomed and supervised efficiently within the major French laboratories and institutes (Universities, CNRS, etc.) of our network: i) Paris; (Ii) Bordeaux; (Iii) Toulouse; (Iv) Marseille; (V) Strasbourg; (Vi) Lille; (Vii) Caen; (Viii) reindeer; (Ix) Nantes; (X) La Rochelle; Xi) Clermont-Ferrand; Xii) and many others.
It is therefore obvious that the students who will participate in our 1st Sino-French School on Advances in Materials not only acquire solid knowledge in physico-chemistry of materials, but also after obtaining their Doctorate theses they are Assured the assistance of all the members of our network CFSAM for their integration after return in China.
A limited number of French students will also be invited to take part in our SiFSAM School in order to put them in touch with young Chinese students of their age and also with Chinese guest speakers. The aim is to try to encourage exchanges of students in both China-France and France-China, in order to better balance the exchanges that are almost exclusively from China to France, at the doctoral level.

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The school is an excellent occasion for discussing with French researchers and to reinforce the foundation of research in Material Science. The 3rd week, The 5th Chinese-French Symposium on Advanced Materials (CFSAM-5) will held in La Rochelle on a parallel with this school. All students will make presentation in this symposium then it will be great opportunity to discuss with Chinese and French researchers.

The aim of the school is providing a platform for preparing Ph.D in China-France (Double diploma) and to develop and strengthen the collaboration between Chinese-French Researchers. Besides, the school will organize Culture Program for discover French Culture: Cuisine, Language, City, etc.




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